What is Open Source?


The concept of open source originated in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the Internet was gaining popularity and many software developers were sharing their code online. The open source become a popular term in 1998 by Eric Raymond, who wrote a book called The Cathedral and the Bazaar, which described the open source culture in software development.

Learn Roadmap

If you are new to open source, you can learn the basic knowledge of open source with Guance Cloud together. The following is the learning roadmap:

  1. Understand the culture of open source
    1. What is Gift culture. Contribute better than take ownership.
  2. Make your first contribution
    1. Find your Interested Point
    2. Read the Guide to make your first contribution in 30min.
  3. How to communicate with each other.
    1. Ask a question by GitHub and Slack.
    2. Communicate based on a PoC (Proof of Concept).
    3. Talk about a new feature based on Proposal.
  4. Understand how the open source world works.
    1. The repository incubator, enter and exit criteria.
    2. The contributor ladder, developer-led governance.
    3. The engineering infrastructure for community.

Gift Culture

Gift culture is a concept that comes from The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric Raymond. The growth of Guance Cloud also follows the "gift culture" of open-source software, which means that the contribution of the open-source community is not a zero-sum game. The open-source will not cause economic losses to vendors, but can get growing about the brand and user scales.

In another word, Gift culture encourages contribution instead of possession. it can also contribute back to development of the community, accelerate the development of new technologies, and contribute to the basic software industry. Push us forward to success together.

Welcome to join the Open Source world! 🍺

Getting started